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 Sergiu Fintina 
Date of Birth: 24.11.1980
Place of Birth: Marandeni village, Falesti district
Citizenship: Republic of Moldova
After majoring in geodetic engineering from the State Agrarian University of Moldova, Mr. Fintina took a job at the Falesti Cadastral Office.

In 2007, he became mayor of Marandeni village, in Falesti district, his hometown, backed up politically by the Christian Democratic People's Party, a party led at the time by Iurie Rosca. According to his CV, in 2011, after completing his term as mayor, Fintina went to work abroad - in the Russian Federation and Italy.

In 2015, he obtained a mandate as district councilor in Falesti, a position for which he ran on the electoral list of the Party of Socialists from Republic of Moldova (PSRM). In the local elections from the fall of 2019, Fintina opens the list of PSRM candidates in the Falesti District Council. He obtained a new mandate and, in a short time, he was elected chairman of Falesti district.

In March 2021, the police stopped him in traffic and found the politician drunk behind the wheel. As a result, a criminal case was filed against Sergiu Fintina.

One month later, Fintina was suspended from office. However, in September of the same year, following a notification from the Balti Territorial Office of the State Chancellery, the District Council revoked the decision to suspend the chairman of Falesti District.

In October 2021, the Balti Court found him guilty and sentenced him to 134 hours (approximately 17 days) of unpaid community service. If the decision remains final, the politician risks being left without the right to drive means of transport.

Sergiu Fintina appealed the decision of the first instance to the Balti Court of Appeal. On 16 February, the Court of Appeal dismissed his lawyer's appeal, ruling that it was irrevocable.

   Political Affiliation 
   Private Function 
   Public Function 
Falesti District Council
Falesti District Council
Marandeni Mayoralty, Falesti
Cadaster Teritorial Office, Falesti
cadastral engineer
Private activity in Russian Federation and Italy
Total: 253.903,92 MDL
800,00 USD
Total: 58.894,80 MDL
Total: 7.000,00 MDL
   Real Estate 
Rural land
Value: 7.000,00 MDL
Area: 0.151 ha
Ownership: 100%
Owner: 100%
Rural land
Value: 5.000,00 MDL
Area: 0.0999 ha
Ownership: 100%
2 rural land plots
Value: 19.100,00 MDL
Area: 0.4498 ha
Ownership: 100%
5 rural land plots
Value: 46.000,00 MDL
Area: 1.0692 ha
Ownership: 100%
Rural land
Value: 12.000,00 MDL
Area: 0.2998 ha
Ownership: 100%
Value: N/A
Area: 60 mp
Ownership: 100%
Rural land
Value: 10.000,00 MDL
Area: 0.1499 ha
Ownership: 100%
   Mobile Assets 
Peugeot 307
Value: 20.000,00 MDL
2021 - 2022
(Balti Court of Appeal)
Sergiu Fintina is targeted in a criminal case, being investigated for driving a means of transport in a state of alcohol intoxication with an advanced degree. It happened in March 2021, after patrol officers stopped him in traffic and found that the politician was drunk behind the wheel. In October 2021, the Balti Court found him guilty. The court sentenced him to 134 hours of community service, depriving him of the right to drive. Sergiu Fintina appealed the decision of the first instance at the Balti Court of Appeal.
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