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This is one of the mobile phone operators in Ukraine, founded in the late 1990s by Ukrainian national Vladislav Sukhodolski and Transnistrian businessment Victor Gusan and Ilya Kazmaly. The papers obtained by RISE Moldova show that Mr. Gusan and Mr. Kazmaly participated in the founding of Intertelecom as citizens of the Russian Federation residing in Tiraspol, the capital of the unrecognized Transnistrian enclave.

In early 2016 the structure of Intertelecom’s ownership looked like this: 49% held by the Cypriot offshore firm Odinaco Ltd. (says the Ukrainian business register: Victor Gusan was its final beneficiary); another 35.7% was controlled directly by Mr. Gusan; the remaining 15.3% was divided equally between Larisa Gavrilyuk from Kiev and Tatiana Krestyankina from Donetsk. Files from the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice show that already in March 2020 the final beneficiary was Mr. Gusan’s long-time business partner Ilya Kazmaly, as well as Daria Kazmaly and a man called Victor Ukrainets.

In 2000 Intertelecom hired Serghei Ganja as its director; Mr. Ganja had served as head of the Transnistrian Communications Service for a year. He would later be appointed as director of Interdnestrcom - the sole telephone operator for fixed lines and mobiles in the breakaway region, and the largest internet provider there.

In 2002 Mr. Ganja was replaced in Intertelecom by Boris Akulov, one of the architects of the Transnistrian republic and its former minister of information and telecommunications. He was also active in the process of nursing Interdnestrcom. The latter would later engage itself in a roaming partnership with Intertelecom in Ukraine.

Two months after the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation in 2014, a man identified as Vladislav Chernikevich founded Intertelecom in the city of Simferopol. The new Russia-registered company had no connection with the Ukrainian operator carrying the same name or Transnistria’s Intertelecom. Earlier in time however Mr. Chernikevich had worked as a commercial director at Interdnestrcom.

Half a year after its registration the Crimea-based Intertelecom obtained a license for internet and mobile phone services across the entire peninsula. Just like Transnistria’s Interdnestrcom and Ukraine’s Intertelecom, the Russian Intertelecom used the CDMA format technology.

As hostilities in 2016 continued in eastern Ukraine between the government troops and Russia-backed secessionist militias, Ukraine’s security service SBU began investigating the Russian Intertelecom over suspicions of intercepting mobile phone calls in favor of the Russian military.
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