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 Veronica Dragalin 
Citizenship: Republic of Moldova
Before taking over the leadership of Moldova’s Anticorruption Prosecution Office, Veronica Dragalin had worked as an attorney in a federal court of law in Los Angeles, California.

Veronica Dragalin settled in the United States together with her parents. Prior to moving oversea, the Dragalin family had lived in Italy and Germany. Her mother, Elena Dragalin, is the founder of Moldova AID and the Moldovan-American Convention, both nonprofits. Her father, Vlad Dragalin, is a researcher and deputy chairman at Janssen, a pharmaceutical company held by Johnson & Johnson.

Veronica Dragalin has graduated from an American high school. There she attended a summer course on law and criminology at Cambridge University. In 2008, she was awarded a bachelor diploma in sciences, biology, and biochemistry by Duke University of North Carolina and in 2011 she defended a doctor’s law degree at University of Virginia School of Law.

For a period, Veronica Dragalin worked as a counsel, having earned a number of recognitions. In 2020, she was awarded the FBI Director’s Reward and in 2021 she was nominated for the Prime Rank Attorney accolade. The last one is awarded to female employees in the federal justice force.

On 1 August 2022, after a tight competition for the job, Veronica Dragalin was appointed as the chief of Moldova’s Anticorruption Prosecution Office, thus earning a five-year mandate. In her speech outlining the key points of her strategy, Veronica Dragalin underlined the following: “…It is very important that the media and entire society analyzed independently as much information as possible and get persuaded that our cases have been filed in the right way, that the stance of the prosecuting side is motivated, that discrimination on political grounds or whatsoever is not in our arsenal.”
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Anticorruption Prosecution Office
chief prosecutor
California District Attorney’s Office, USA
federal attorney
Jones Day Law Office, California, USA
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